There’s a sense of gloom that can be felt across the globe as the coronavirus pandemic has led to a collective loss of normalcy. Lockdown blues are real, but Star of Azania has just the solution to help you break free from lockdown restrictions.

After feeling confined for so long, friends and family will relish in the experience of nature’s wide-open spaces and a challenge to spot the Big 5. Star of Azania offers guided game drives to an array of scenic destinations in and around Nelson Mandela Bay where you can enjoy the distraction of the Eastern Capes expansive nature reserves and wildlife adventures.

Lockdown Alert Level 1 has permitted leisure travel to resume, providing much-needed relief to the tourism industry and the adventure seeker alike. While many are eager for adventure and outdoor activities, understandably, the threat of the coronavirus is still a deterrent for others.

Understanding that we are not yet completely rid of the coronavirus threat, Star of Azania has implemented a variety of COVID-19 safety and sanitation measures to prioritise the health of all staff and passengers. All staff members have received training on preventative measures and hygiene protocols. Strict precautionary measures include sanitizing, masks and regular screenings that are compulsory for all staff and passengers.

Star of Azania is dedicated to providing an exhilarating adventure in a safe and responsible manner and, therefore, also recommends that you book personalised tours. Booking a personalised tour for your family and friends ensures contact with additional external parties are minimised therefore limiting your potential exposure to the coronavirus and simplifying the contact tracing process if needed.

Addo Elephant National Park is the third largest game reserve in the country and is sure to provide 5 big solutions to the lockdown blues. The park is not only popular for sightings of the majestic elephant but wildly renowned for being home to the Big 5 that includes elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard.

Addo, Elephant National Park

Favoured for its close proximity to Nelson Mandela Bay, Kragga Kamma Game Park is home to vast herds of African game, including White Rhino, Buffalo, Cheetah, Giraffe, Zebra, Nyala, Bontebok, Lechwe and many more species. With shorter game drive options available, this is an ideal choice for families with small children. Spotting donkeys in pyjama’s, Pumbaa, Timon and possibly even hearing Simba or Mufasa Roar is a great distraction for children who are being consumed by all the unfamiliar coronavirus stresses and processes.

Kragga Kamma Wildlife

Star of Azania would like to help you restore and replenish your mental health and encourages you to have some fun on a game drive excursion with us. The encounter with nature, wildlife, fresh air and relaxation are guaranteed to provide a temporary reprieve from the lockdown burdens.