Tourism Month is also Heritage Month, so why not celebrate with a culture and heritage tourism experience?

Heritage day is a public holiday that takes place on the 24th of September and provides an ideal opportunity for friends and family to unite in celebration of South Africa’s many cultures and the diversity of beliefs and traditions.

There is no better way to explore the heritage and traditions of Nelson Mandela Bay than with a city and township tour that includes an authentic shisanyama as a lunch stop.  Star of Azania provides knowledgeable and accredited tour guides that make your experiences insightful, fun, and memorable.

Port Elizabeth Public Library and Queen Victoria’s statue. Image: Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism

The city and township tour allows you to explore the rich heritage of Nelson Mandela Bay’s past alongside the modern-day vibrant Xhosa and township culture experience.

Highlights of the city tour include City Hall in Market Square, the Port Elizabeth Library, Queen Victoria’s statue, and the Prester John Monument. Incorporated in the city tour is the iconic Route 67 that consists of 67 public artworks symbolising Nelson Mandela’s 67 years dedicated to the freedom struggle for South Africa’s democracy and includes 67 steps leading up the second largest flag in Africa.

The lighthouse, pyramid and mosaic at the Donkin Reserve in Port Elizabeth.

The artworks along Route 67 were designed by local artists from the Eastern Cape and proudly showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage and history. Along the route mesmerise at the largest flag in South Africa that flies over vibrant mosaic designs and artworks situated at the Donkin lighthouse and stone pyramid built by Sir Rufane Donkin for his wife Elizabeth, after whom the city is named.

The largest flag in South Africa flies over vibrant mosaic designs and artworks..

The township tour will allow you to experience the modern Xhosa and township culture while imparting knowledge about the prominent political and cultural leaders who originated from the townships and the struggles they endured to overcome the apartheid regime.  

Star of Azania accredited tour guides will steer you through the vibrancy of New Brighton Township, one of Port Elizabeth’s oldest and biggest townships, and also share the history of Emlotheni Memorial Park, Njoli Square and the Mendi Memorial. You will meet the people of the community and hear stories about overcoming adversity, songs of celebration and experience the compassion of Ubuntu.

The traditional Tshisanyama served with sides of pap, dumplings, chakalaka, samp and beans, or spinach.

It has been said that food, just like music, transcends all boundaries. This heritage day celebrate with a tour that ends in the traditional authentic Tshisanyama served with sides of pap, dumplings, chakalaka, samp and beans, or spinach. South Africans love a good plate of meat, so whether you call it braai, shisanyama, barbeque or tshisanyama, it is an opportunity to gather, share and celebrate our unique and diverse South African cultures.

NOTE: all Covid -19 health and safety measures are prioritised for your personalised tours.

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