Whether booking business transfers, holiday transfers, staff transport, or adventure tours, Star of Azania has you covered.

Star of Azania strives for passenger safety and satisfaction through providing innovative tailor-made transport solutions that are professional, dependable, and reliable.

With lockdown restrictions easing and South Africa opening its borders to other countries, a sense of normalcy returns and that hankering to travel becomes possible. As we venture back into the world, we should remain cognisant of the coronavirus threat, but rest assured that Star of Azania implements strict Covid-19 protocols to safeguard both passengers and staff.

Ready to get out and about in a safe and responsible manner?

Here are 10 Reasons to choose Star of Azania as your preferred transport service provider.

Covid-19 Precautions – Star of Azania value your health

Strict Covid-19 control and prevention measures are in effect to protect all passengers and staff. Vehicles are regularly sanitised, masks for all staff and passengers are compulsory, temperature readings are measured upon embarking and disembarking vehicles, hand sanitising is a must and seating is co-ordinated with additional spaces between passengers to allow for social distancing.

Prioritise passenger safety

To ensure a world-class passenger service, Star of Azania has R20 million passenger liability insurance and implement a state of the art vehicle management system. In addition to all vehicles being fitted with trackers, the necessary safety equipment is meticulously maintained and all drivers are trained in first aid.

Drivers who care

The team from Star of Azania is committed to providing the public with a professional, friendly and safe transport experience.  All drivers are licensed, professionally trained and excited to deliver a superior level of service in all aspects of operations and customer relations.

 The client’s needs matter

Star of Azania strives for passenger safety and satisfaction through providing innovative tailor-made transport solutions that are professional, dependable, and reliable. At Star of Azania, we understand that all clients have unique requirements and structure your packages around those needs.

Money-back guarantee – staff transport

To reassure all clients and passengers that Star of Azania value your time and the work you do, a no charge policy is in place for any trip that arrives at its destination late. This guarantee is upheld as we endeavour to connect people with places of work, goods and services in a timely and efficient manner.

Options and flexibility in vehicle choice

A diverse fleet that includes semi-luxury busses, crafter vehicles and sedans are available to provide transport solutions that are safe and affordable. Star of Azania can offer transport solutions for large or small groups, as well as personalised VIP services.

Informative and fun tourism experiences

A combination of fun and knowledge is packaged into tourism excursions with Star of Azania who, partner with highly qualified and experienced tour guides. Transfers and tours can be tailor-made to suit the needs of the passenger and take place from one-day to multiple travel day itineraries.

Experience luxury

The executive chauffeur service is a punctual high-end service that includes complimentary refreshments and snacks as well as real-time vehicle tracking and management. The professionalism of the service caters to the needs of transporting business delegates, VIP delegates, government officials and international dignitaries.

Team support

The Star of Azania team is available to guide and support the client from before the booking and until after the task is complete. From bookings, itineraries, logistic support and post-trip follow-ups, the team are there to support you every step of the way.

Sound Business Ethics

Star of is a 100% black youth-owned BEE (Black Economic Empowerment), value-adding supplier who believes that job creation empowers people. Star of Azania endeavour to operate as a world-class passenger transport service while upholding the values that sustain and ensure a prosperous future for clients and staff while supporting skills development.

Star of Azania is sure to Rise above the Rest through the quality and variety of services offered alongside exceptional customer service.  Ready and convinced to book with Star of Azania, send an e-mail to  recception@starofazania.co.za or phone 041 450 2977