The holiday season has arrived, and this year’s festivities will be rather different as we continue to fight against the health, social, and economic emergency created by Covid-19.  Staying home and limiting travelling remains the best defence against the virus, but many still have to travel home to visit family or for business purposes.

It has been almost a year since the novel coronavirus infiltrated our daily lives. The past year has been extremely challenging, with limited time to socialise or travel. Many enter the festive season with the hope of reconnecting with family and enjoying a short holiday break to relax before the new year commences.

The travel and tourism industry has been one of the worst affected sectors because of travel restrictions imposed due to the pandemic. To help rebuild and boost the tourism sector; the Department of Tourism is encouraging people to explore their country while adhering to strict Covid-19 protocols. After differentiating lockdown levels, and months of restriction on our movements, many folks are eager to be out and about exploring again.

Should you choose to travel, you can do so wisely and safely by making a few adjustments to meet the evolving health and safety measures required during a pandemic.

To make your journey as safe as possible, here are a few reasons to travel with Star of Azania.

  • Personalised transport services

Book a vehicle and driver for yourself, family, or friends only. This option will limit your contact and exposure to any other person’s unknown to you. Not only providing convenience but also peace of mind.

  • Request a point to point transfer service

Through booking a personalised point-to-point transfer service, you can limit the number of stops en-route to and from your destination or have control over where and when stops will take place. This service allows you, the passenger, some control on where to stop for rest-room or convenience breaks.

  • Vehicle cleanliness

To protect all staff and passengers from infection, vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before and after each trip.

  • Passenger seating

For all public and shared transport options, ample seating space is available, where open seats get marked for “no use” between passengers allowing for social distancing when travelling.

  • Covid-19 symptom screening

All staff and passengers undergo screening for Covid-19 symptoms. Before embarking, questionnaires get completed for investigative and tracing purposes. Also, temperatures are measured and hands are sanitised before departure and on arrival.

  • Compulsory protective measures – masks and sanitising hands

It is compulsory for all staff and passengers to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth in public spaces and throughout each trip. Regular sanitising and washing of hands are implemented upon embarking and disembarking the vehicle.

  • Vehicle Trackers

Real-time vehicle tracking systems are fitted to all vehicles. This system helps to track vehicles for security reasons, monitor driving safety and should Covid-19 tracing protocols need to be implemented the vehicles route is recorded.

Star of Azania offers reliable and affordable transports and tour options, that can be tailor-made according to the client’s unique requirements.

Your safety and health are important to us, and that is why we implement strict measures to ensure your journey with us is as safe as possible.