Star of Azania realizes that actions speak louder than words. That is why we offer a money-back guarantee in relation to staff transport services.  We have all heard the sayings:

Put your money where your mouth is.

Cash is king.

Time is money.

Money talks.

A day late, a dollar short.

Should your staff arrive late when utilising Star of Azania staff commuting services, we promise not to charge you for that day’s trip.

To prove that Star of Azania value the safety of your workforce, your time, and money, we are willing to invest in your business with a money-back assurance.  The team endeavours to uphold a superior level of service in all aspects of operations and customer relations. Star of Azania strives to innovatively connect people with places of work, goods, and services in order to promote accessibility.

With a large fleet compromising of various vehicle types, we can offer an array of transport services or tailor-made options according to the customers’ needs and budget. Invest in safe and smart commuting services for companies of all shapes and sizes by contacting Star of Azania for an obligation-free quotation.

An experienced logistics team will structure a strategy that includes predetermined routes as well as safe pick-up and drop-off points for all staff members. The team also manages all administration and payment procedures to minimise unnecessary stress for our clients.

A dedicated transport service for your workforce will emphasise the value you place on human resources while saving your company time and money. Personalising staff transport services will minimise employee’s health and safety risks during their commute to and from work. This service is even more so a necessity in a time where Covid-19 remains prevalent among all citizens.

Star of Azania drivers are unwavering in their commitment to providing your employees with a professional, friendly, and safe transport experience. Dedicated to upholding superior health, safety, and compliance regulations, the team continuously undergoes skills development and training that ensures sustainable and best practices are maintained. To assure a world-class passenger service, Star of Azania have R20 million in passenger liability insurance and implements a state-of-the-art vehicle management system.

Staff Arrive on Time with Star of Azania.
Star of Azania Money Back Guarantee

Consistency is key, and therefore, there is no time limit on the money-back guarantee. The pledge is valid for as long as there is a legal contract and is not limited to the first 30 or 60 days. The unending commitment is Star of Azania’s assurance to the client that we intend to uphold a consistently high standard of service delivery.

In a country where public transport can be unpredictable, limited, or impacted by an unstable political climate, why not supply your staff with an alternative safe, and reliable option? Despite varying economic and political interruptions which could arise from time to time, your business’s productivity needs to continue. By contracting exclusive, safe, and reliable shuttles, your workforce can continue contributing to the smooth operations of your business during unforeseeable challenges.

Happier staff equals a more productive working environment. To take advantage of the Star of Azania money-back guarantee service contact or phone 041 450 2977.