A Sho’t Left is the answer to all our recent travel woes and fears.
Yearning for adventure and the open road?
Then it is time to hop aboard with Star of Azania for a Local is Lekker Adventure.

While many of the Coronavirus lockdown levels have been eased, there are still several international travel restrictions, domestic barriers, and personal fears which create reluctant travellers.

Some of the reasons many are still sceptical to travel during these uncertain times include:

  • Fear of exposure to the virus that remains prevalent, so you would rather play it safe and not travel too far for too long and limit potential exposure.
  • The pandemic has created economic uncertainty leaving many citizens with little to no finances to allocate towards travel.
  • Annual leave and holiday time has been depleted because of the time taken off during the pandemic, or many have a back-log of work to catch up on, leaving little to no time for travel and relaxation.

 Star of Azania is here to make travelling easier and less stressful for you.

  • Adhering to strict Covid-19 protocols and allowing you to book a personalised tour limits your risk of being exposed to the virus.
  • The choice to travel to secluded destinations with wide-open spaces provides safer travel alternatives to indoor and over-populated destinations.
  • Budget-friendly options with personalised itineraries allow you to package a low-cost getaway that still offers quality experiences.
  • Weekend and short-stay getaways will help you preserve your annual leave. Replenish your soul with a Sho’t Left getaway for the weekend and take a break from your normal routine, then go back to work feeling refreshed and more productive.

Travel in your own country and explore local destinations with Star of Azania to any getaway spots in and around your province. Whether it be to a secluded game reserve, for adrenaline-seeking adventures, romantic getaways, family-fun weekends, a quiet encounter with nature, or sightseeing adventures with a group of friends, allow Star of Azania to drive you.

By being a safe and responsible traveller, you will not only experience a getaway that you desire but will also be helping to support and rebuild the tourism industry.

Make memories and spend quality time with friends and family. We have compiled a few ideas to inspire your next Local is Lekker, Sho’t Left. Give Star of Azania a call to book your next adventure: Click here for contact details.

Visiting one of South Africa’s National Parks is a popular, affordable and family-friendly adventure. Experience the beauty and diversity of South African National Parks such as Addo Elephant National Park, Mountain Zebra National Park, or Tsitsikamma National Park.
Star of Azania
Recharge and refresh with a romantic couples retreat. In the Eastern Cape, we are spoilt for choice with secluded beach destinations, bush stays of or resort retreats offering pampering packages.
For a fun and adventurous weekend trip, pack your bags and invite your friends. Explore the many diverse tourist sites or participate in adrenalin-pumping adventures such as the Bloukrans bungee jump or Tsitsikamma Waterfalls zip line.
The Eastern Cape has a rich Xhosa and Khoisan Cultural Heritage experience to explore. For memorable cultural experiences, opt to spend a weekend celebrating and immersing yourself in the traditions, food, and beliefs of the local communities.