Star of Azania proudly offers innovative tailor-made transport solutions that are professional, dependable, and reliable. Most importantly, passenger safety is a priority, and this is why Star of Azania has a diverse fleet of vehicles that are diligently maintained, while staff adheres to all safety requirements to offer passengers peace of mind and convenience.

Current clients consist of churches, schools, society groups, sports groups, agriculture and retail staff, hotel groups, corporate groups, government officials as well as individual VIP clients.

While the capabilities of each vehicle may differ, what remains consistent, no matter what vehicle passengers travel in is the R20 million passenger liability insurance and the implementation of a state-of-the-art vehicle management system. All vehicles are fitted with a real-time tracking device that can show where any vehicle is at any given time and manage the driver’s behaviour by monitoring pick sharp turns or breaking.

Do away with the stress of transport logistics and allow Star of Azania to get you, your staff, or your loved ones safe from point A to B. Match the vehicle specifications below with your transport needs or contact Star of Azania staff who will be happy to offer guidance and recommendations. Contact or submit a query here

Semi-Luxury Busses

Star of Azania holds 3 x Isuzu semi-luxury busses in their fleet. Fondly nicknamed after a primary school teacher they are known to drivers and regular passengers as Skip Jacks and Sweet Peas.

The vehicle has a capacity of 65 seated and 12 standing passengers in a 2 x 3 seating configuration while luggage can be stored in overhead and underfloor compartments. All emergency exits are clearly marked, and seated passengers have safety belts.

For comfort, there is an air purified ventilation system as well as strategically positioned sealed and slide windows. Onboard technology includes a radio and CD system and for tours and public announcements, Star of Azania provides a portable PA system.

The Isuzu vehicles also run off a cleaner version of fuel, being the 50 PPN diesel and this makes a big difference towards striving to operate more sustainably.  Driving capabilities include tunning gear brakes, EBS brake system, and disc brakes on all wheels

Ideal for: Schools tours and trips, staff transport, church groups, student shuttles, local tours, major events, and sport transfers – more suited for inner-city transfers and tours

MANN Semi Luxury Bus

The MANN bus in the Star of Azania fleet is also a semi-luxury commuter bus that has a capacity for 65 seated and 12 standing passengers. It has a built-in ventilation system with allocated slide windows spaced between seating for passenger convenience.

All seats have safety belts, and there are overhead as well as underfloor compartments for luggage. Size is one of the attractive attributes of this bus allowing for the interior to offer additional passenger space for comfort.

Technology includes a radio and CD system and for tours and public announcements, Star of Azania provides a portable PA system.

Working towards more environmentally friendly transport options, MANN engines implement innovative engine technologies and run off 50PPN diesel. Some of the driving technology includes an electronic stability program (ESP), air suspension with ECAS cab air suspension, EBS, and sustained-action brake management.

Ideal for: School tours and trips, staff transport, church groups, student shuttles, local tours, major events, sports and stadium transfers.

Semi-Luxury Bus Star of Azania

2 x VW Crafters

The VW Crafter vehicles can transport 22 passengers on cloth-covered seating that not only provide durability but also comfort. Safety belts are available for each passenger and the bus has a full ventilation system. Safety features include driver and front passenger airbags as standard, three-point seat belts, and remote-controlled central locking.

For long roads, the crafter vehicle has overhead luggage compartments and is fully kitted out for a luggage trailor making it ideal for national transfers and trips as well as airport shuttle services. With a fully installed radio and CD system as well as a PA system, this is the ideal vehicle for guided tours.

The crafter is a durable vehicle that can adapt to many terrains and roads, ensuring passengers arrive at their destination whether travelling tar or rustic gravel roads.

Essential safety systems such as ESP (Electronic Stabilisation Programme) combined with Brake Assist and Crosswind Assist, MCB (Multi-Collision Braking), TCS (Traction Control System), and EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) are all standard in the Crafter to keep passengers as safe as possible.

Ideal for: School tours and trips, staff transport, church groups, student shuttles, local tours, major events, and sport transfers. The crafter is the ideal vehicle for airport shuttle services as well as tourism excursions and adventures.

Mercedes Benz C250

To offer the luxury chauffeur service, Star of Azania has incorporated the Mercedes Benz C250 in the fleet. This is a punctual high-end service that includes complimentary refreshments and snacks as well as real-time vehicle tracking and management.

The Mercedes incorporates the latest technology in terms of driving features, safety specifications, and in-car entertainment. Exemplary safety features include Intelligent Drive systems, ABS braking systems, stability control, front, side, and overhead airbags to name a few.

Ideal for: This option offers sophistication and modern technological convenience ideal for the businessperson, VIP, government officials, international delegates, or tours in comfort and style. The flexible and personalised service makes it highly popular among business executives and tourists.