Since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic and the national lockdown that commenced in March, life, as we know it, has changed. As South Africans, we have been forced to become resilient and adapt to many disruptions in daily life and business.

The unceasing invasion of the coronavirus pandemic has brought about the need for us to rethink how we go about daily activities and implement business practices to prioritise the health and wellness of all citizens and workers.

The pandemic has brought with it not only health threats but also the negative repercussions of a national lockdown. While the intentions were to prioritise the health and safety of all citizens, there is no denying the outcome of drastic negative impacts on the economy, job security, education and social behaviours of all.

To curtail the negative economic impacts while trying to keep South African citizens safe, the government recommended and started phasing in an “Alert Level 1-5” lockdown process. Different alert levels allow for a staggered implementation of business and movement of people to resume. Although the lockdown regulations are easing, allowing schools with a phased re-opening and some business trade restarting, there is still an alarming number of positive COVID-19 cases reported daily.

These are unprecedented times and the challenge to keep the economy stable, allow people to keep jobs and income while being as safe as possible is a challenge. Many scholars and large groups of the country’s workforce have no option but to utilise public transport to get to and from school or business.

At Star of Azania, we offer transport solutions for large or small groups, allowing stricter hygiene measures to be implemented while reducing the risk of exposure from the greater public. Why not prioritise the health and safety of your workforce by arranging hired transport for them, showing you value their wellbeing and safety and that of their families?

With Star of Azania arranging personalised transport for your workforce or school groups you can be assured that the following strict protocol measures will be implemented for all drivers and passengers.

  • Vehicles disinfected and cleaned regularly. Before and after each trip.
  • Spacious seating allowing for social distancing.
  • Disinfectants and masks are required to board vehicles.
  • Temperature monitoring when embarking and disembarking vehicles.
  • Controlled passenger lists.
  • Inspection and follow up of relevant travel forms and permits.